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The A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard.

Available: A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard for Benelli M2

Available: A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard for Benelli M1, M3 and M4

Available: A&S Enhanced trigger guard for Remington Versa Max

Made in the USA: A short video on how we make our trigger guards:

trigger guard vid

A couple of photos of our trigger guard installed on a Benelli M4. Although the M4 is not heavily used in 3 gun competition our billet aluminum trigger guard is becoming a popular replacement for the M4’s plastic trigger guard.

This is a direct replacement for your OEM trigger guard.  Simply remove your trigger guard from your shotgun.  Strip off all the parts from the original and install them on our part.

Our part is made of high quality American milled aluminum.  It is finished in a gunmetal grey hard anodize and laser marked.  We do all of the machining in our shop and the metal finishing is sourced locally.

The patent-pending design has a large scallop on the front to facilitate loading.  It was developed in response to the double and quad loading techniques that have been developing in the 3 gun world over the last several years.  However, in testing, it was found that the feature dramatically improves single shell loading as well.  It almost doubles the effective loading port area.


Enhanced trigger guard next to stock trigger guard.



In development: A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard for Stoeger M3000* (anticipated availability date: 10/15): Apologies, but this has been pushed back a bit as we try to keep up with demand and get the A&S guard for the Versa Max to market.

*Might fit other models, testing is still underway.

Pricing for Benelli M2 $189.00 plus shipping. Benelli M1/M4 trigger guards, now available in black, are $209.00 plus shipping. Our trigger guard for the Versa Max is 195.00 plus shipping.

For $250.00 plus shipping if you send us your old trigger guard; we will dis-assemble your old guard, clean the parts and install them on a new A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard

Our E-commerce is not yet up and running, so simply contact us via email:


We will send you a Paypal invoice for your requested parts and service.

MN residents, please let us know you live in Minnesota when requesting an invoice so that we may add sales tax, otherwise your order will be delayed as we will have to alter your invoice and resend.

Also, our trigger guard for the Benelli M2 is now available from Briley Tactical;

A&S Trigger guard for Benelli M2 from Briley Tactical

A quick YouTube video of our trigger guard

Click on the link below for a high quality explanation of how to disassemble and reassemble the parts of your trigger guard.  These instructions apply to the Benelli M1, M2, M4, Stoeger M3000 and Remington Versa Max.

Benelli Disassembly Instructions